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Our world of business is becoming increasingly complex with crunched time-to-action and faster time-to-decision. While we have more data, faster data, finer data to help us navigate this complexity, business professionals do not have the right tools to help them succeed in this environment. We need to reshape our business world much like how our personal world has been transformed in past few years, a much more connected world full of discoveries that helps us accomplish more every single day. We need to re-imagine the way business users interact with data.

At, we are defining the future of Business Intelligence. We are constructing a world of BI with the User in the center to help them succeed in today's volatile business environment. BI that is adaptive, intuitive & beautiful. BI that fully leverages the power of artificial intelligence and mobility to handle complexity and deliver simplicity for the user. We call it Intelligent BI —  a learning system that is continuously sensing the user's context, business, and evolving needs to predict what they need to know at every single moment.


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