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When Analytics Becomes Para-lytics

For years, creating and fostering a culture, where business users make increasingly better decisions, through the capture and analysis of meaningful data, has been the holy grail of enterprises. The pursuit of this goal has seen us create sophisticated systems that capture, store, process and analyze every data point we can get our hands on, with increasing accuracy and speed.

Published On 04-26-2017, By Arjun Kulkarni
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Business Intelligence Tools Must be Reimagined for Virtual Workplaces

In our last post, we touched upon the notion that your workplace isn’t the only workplace anymore. And Business intelligence (BI) applications can’t be constrained by your office spaces alone, because your employees aren’t 9-to-5 office denizens. 

Published On 04-12-2017, By Arjun Kulkarni
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Artificial Intelligence Meets Business Intelligence

What's the most frustrating aspect of using current enterprise solutions for a senior executive? It is the inability to find timely and reliable answers to their questions. Often, answers do lie somewhere - it is just too challenging and time consuming to get to them. Imagine how cool it will be if you can get the most important information and insights before every tactical decision you can make during your workday?

Published On 03-14-2017, By Srikanth Velamakanni
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The next generation of business intelligence

The Next Gen of Business Intelligence Is AI-Backed and Mobile-Powered

The face of business intelligence is changing. Why? The simple answer: almost every business now collects, produces and relies on recorded data.

Published On 03-9-2017, By Louis Goldner
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Are You Ready to Make the Leap to Automated Business Intelligence?

Evolving technology and ongoing innovation are changing the data analytics needs of modern businesses. Companies need data infrastructures that promote discovery and speed the generation of business intelligence (BI).

Published On 02-22-2017, By Louis Goldner
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Cuddle.CGT.png Earns Major Recognition from Consumer Goods Executives

JERSEY CITY (February 13, 2017) —, a platform that delivers real-time, tailored and centralized business information driven by artificial intelligence, has been selected to Consumer Goods Technology’s Readers' Choice Survey 2017: Editors' Picks. The list, created by consumer goods executives and CGT’s editorial staff, shines a spotlight on 20 technology solution and service providers that are making a substantial impact on how consumer goods organizations innovate with technology.

Published On 02-14-2017, By
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Business Intelligence Needs a New Infrastructure in 2017

One of the issues that has long prevented many companies from going all-in on analytics has been an accountability problem. When a company invests in analytics, decision-makers have reasonable expectations of seeing measurable ROI from their spends. Yet many data executives are finding it difficult to justify renewing their ever-growing analytics budgets to a CMO who might ask why, several months after acquiring a $500K market share dashboard, there’s been no appreciable change in revenues and new BI is slow in coming.

Published On 02-8-2017, By Louis Goldner
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Personalized Analytics: Democratizing Data for Users

Modern companies face a quandary: At a time when Big Data is providing them an unprecedented opportunity to access and unlock their consumers’ desires and motivations, they also face a projected shortage of the data scientists they need to help them sort through and utilize all that raw information.

Published On 01-25-2017, By Arjun Kulkarni
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Enterprise World versus Personal World Analytics

We live in two worlds, the Enterprise world and the Personal world. In both of these, we have to continually navigate the information around us and make hundreds of decisions a day. To do all this, we rely on data and analytics to process and analyze things for us.

Published On 06-28-2016, By
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Invisible Analytics

Analytics are a part of the fabric of our daily personal lives. Internet searches, shopping, stock recommendations, smart cars, smart elevators, the list goes on and on. Algorithms are always running behind the scenes to help us do things more easily. We constantly consume them, even if we don’t see them happening. They just appear when needed, do their task, and disappear without us ever noticing. Intuitive, minimal, and, most importantly, INVISIBLE.

Published On 06-1-2016, By
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Why Your Company Needs Personalized Analytics

Why Your Company Needs Personalized Analytics

The Intelligent Enterprise rejects endless dashboards and unfiltered data streams for a single app that brings it all together, daring to imagine a world where data becomes a competitive differentiator that empowers business teams to make decisions on the go.